Birthday Photo Booth Melbourne – Make Your Birthday Extra Special

Hello sunshine! It is your natal day! What have you got for yourself today? Jump out of the bed and go ahead and have a cold shower as well as enjoy every trickle of it on your skin. You have saved this day all to yourself or to your family and friends. What could be the fun things you could do today?

  • Buy your self a new outfit or that lippie you saw at the mall. Maybe you kept some bucks for this day? Definitely, you deserve a little upgrade on your get up and a little swipe of lipstick could liven up your mood.
  • Have a massage, body scrub, change your gel manicure, and all the works. Pamper yourself as a reward for working real hard. You certainly deserve it!
  • Pig out. Do not scrimp on your budget and help your self with a dozen scoops of ice cream, feast on that pizza and eat all you can. You have been starving yourself for quite some time now.
  • Burn Baby, Burn. Enroll yourself at the gym and hire that gorgeous trainer to guide you and be your “fit inspiration”.
  • Glow up. Your hair is unkempt and your brows have not been trim say like for ages. Then bring out those promo card or coupons and have a cheap trill make over at the salon.
  • Throw yourself and your friends a picnic party. Run around like crazy kids, play hop scotch at the park and afterwards eat light snacks whilst lounging under the shade with your squad.

What if you are hosting a house party or or private party at home ? What is the gift you could give that keeps on giving? Hire a photo booth!

How can a photo booth make your birthday special?

If you add a photo booth experience to your birthday bucket list like the Mirror Photo Booth as the highlight of your birthday bash you know you can never go wrong with it. Feel as if you are celebrating your seventh birthday but this time amuse your guests not with silly children’s party games but with screaming contests, mannequin challenge, pong games among others. They will absolutely adore the mirror photo booth!

Have a string of hits with personalised birthday photo keepsakes through the many prints produced by the Mirror Photo Booth. Have your guests greet you with their group selfie with you as they sign and stamp their copies and furnish you another copy. SMS copies to your friends living a few blocks away so they would come running to your door and catch up with the fun.

Overall, the Mirror Photo Booth is a good photo booth for your birthday and it is the greatest present you could give to yourself because it has a lot of features you just need to unwrap. In fact, imagine all the fun it would bring to your special day!

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