Children Entertainers Melbourne

Children Entertainers Melbourne – List Of Entertainers For Your Kid’s Party

The cake is not palatable without toppers, icing on top of it. The soda is not as refreshing if it does not have sparkling fizz with it. And a Children’s party has no life with it without a fine and dandy ingratiating entertainment!

With that said, Melbourne Entertainers furnish you with a premiere list that could tot up any Children’s party or Birthday bash.

Below are list of Kids Entertainment

  • Mobile DJ Services – If the adults can have a fete of dance-able tunes, the kids could also have their own wholesome shindig.
  • Play Area – There are plentiful of Play place with trampolines, climbing walls, inflatables that are safe for the little adventurers and play warriors.
  • Petting Zoos and animal trainers – Australia abound with nature inspired theme parks as well as rousing adrenaline induced activities why not expose the children to that? How about an encounter with snakes so they could conquer the debilitating fears.
  • Magic shows – get perplexed and awed by vanishing magicians, levitating guests. Wow with illusions of disemboweled talking bodies, beguiling tricks and infinite powers of mentalists ‘hair raising performances.
  • Story telling, Emceeing, and Hosting – have a winged fairy take you into their realm through a silver streaked storytelling session. Have James Hook or Captain Hook be your unlikely but funny Master of Ceremony. Lastly, let Pixies be your hostess to your spell binding 7th Birthday!.
  • Clowns and grown ups clad in costumes – humdinger clowns give out jocose for laughs performances. Your fairy tale-themed birthday will never be the same with Aladdin and Jasmin on-site to cater to your entertainment needs. Additionally, Tinker Bell will be glad to tinker her receptacle filled with fairy dust. Also, Moana may have just the right amount of vigor to teach you the ritualistic dances of the Pacific Islands.

There’s More…

  • Character Plays- if you are not hard core on the pixies, nymphs and fairies why not invite Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America? Or go scan the whole party area with Superman. Or better yet, let the Imperial March sound fill the air with the whole pack of storm troupers coming your way.
  • Ventriloquists and Puppeteers – knee scrappers so many! But no Chucky or Scrappy to spoil your day but only puppets that are witty and politely make up for the fun.
  • Face Painting – play pretend you are Simba the Lion in Lion King, The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland or Woody from the Toy Story with skillful hands painting your faces with glee.
  • Balloon Sculptures- With twists, turns here and there and few blinks have a balloon sculpture of a toy poodle, turtle or anything pulled from one’s imagination.
  • Photo booths- take a shot and share it with friends have a group selfie or selfie with the little tykes

Treat your child, your niece or nephew to a wonder filled day with Melbourne Entertainers’ list of Children Entertainers and let go of that little child in you every once in while! Play, enjoy and laugh till you drop! Everyone deserves a day out so check out our offerings and invite us in your magic filled Children’s party!

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