Fire Breather Melbourne – “WOW” Factor At Any Event

Fire breathing as an art form and entertainment is not just guzzling and gormandizing flammable substance. In fact, it is a science and discipline in itself. May it be the most crucial parts of any side shows or circus acts because it utilizes fire as the focus point of the whole performance.

Chugging, imbibing, exhaling or breathing this craft is not for the fainthearted, it is for the skilled and for the no slouch. Although it may a curiously wily performance, it is one of the most sought after act in circus and side shows… And if you will on your upcoming event too.

Definitely, it takes a well-disciplined performer to pull it off, usually all we know is that it is the closing act or pinnacle after juggling, balancing acts. But there is more to it especially behind closed curtains. First, only a few would pursuit it for its perils burns, self accidents, swallowing of kerosene etc. But those who perform it had taken years to practice day and night to master the craft like must one know there should be an interplay of physics and mathematics to take note of the proper angle to blow fire. Say eighty or sixty degrees before blowing the fire and that the instrument should not be too low or too high to prevent burns of the rest of the body or the performer’s face.

Amazing and Unique Performers For Your Event

Moreover, it gives a “wow” factor to your events culture and spectacle wise. Pacific Islanders nearby had associated fire tricks not only in their traditions but also entertainment. It has been a part of the whole poi whirling act. And even women practice turning and twirling poi batons to strengthen their arms, fire breathing ensues after to make a pundit fire show. Ours would not singe you or themselves but light up that curious as a child reaction on your faces. They could keep the guests of your child glued to their seats during birthdays and children’s party and surely they would not throw a fit. They could entertain your employees and business partners while commencing your corporate events.

Here at Melbourne Entertainers Directory you can elect any one of our  dilettante performers from singers, burlesque, dancers, performance artists and even our artiste fire breathers. In fact there are a lot of Fire Breather Melbourne in our directory. With that said, we are proud to campaign and advertise them for you because they are the real thing and the sharpest in their craft.

We also assure you they take consideration the gust of the wind or any nuance in the environment and prioritize your safety too. They are veterans and big league on their own and they would not burn your venue or your hard earned money but keep your entertainment needs ablaze.