Hire Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne For Your Engagement Party

Engagement parties are an introductory phase towards settling down. It may be brief, a long one or within a day and then after a few hours, marriage follow suit. But whatever fashion wedding proposals or engagements are slated. They remain as one of the much anticipated events prior to weddings.

Before it’s said that “banns” or “bans” are being publish to make things legal and binding for an engagement. Engagements seal in a way the likely preceding eternal union of the couple. In fact, it is customary to announce to all that two people see and now treat each other as betrothed.

Give Your Engagement Party A Twist

Couples about to get married here in Melbourne also prefer to share the good news to family and friends. They often like to hire Mirror Photo Booth during engagement parties. Somehow as a means of spreading words to common friends and potential guests on and about the soonest tearing of wedding bells through photographs. Best of all, the Mirror Photo Booth has a built-in SMS feature and function that enables the couple to make it known through Social Media their up and coming wedding without going through the motion of having it print on the local newspaper or posting in in an anti climactic manner.

And if you get lucky enough and be one of the guests of the couple. Who knows it might even be an engagement and wedding party on the same day! And with the Mirror Photo Booth, you might just be there when things are happening and unfolding right your very eyes. Everyone loves surprise weddings and you are with your best buds capturing and savoring the moment with the newly engaged or newlyweds.

Times and events like these Mirror Photo Booth is so popular because you never know what is going to happen next. Also, in these coincidence it has themes for any occasion… An engagement or a wedding name it, we are ready and we have it.

Hire Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne to experience the best of the best!