Melbourne Wedding Bands

Melbourne Wedding Bands – Choosing A Band That Will Fill Up Your Dance Floor

Music is a huge part of weddings starting from the ceremony until the day closes in. Just like when we watch movies on the small or big screen or even on Netflix, music sets the tone or mood for them. You know, when you’re viewing something of a suspense thriller or a horror-themed movie, the sounds seem filled with tension. As for romantic flicks in the background, you can hear love tunes; for drama, something that is slow and heart-rending and action, those that are striking the adrenaline.

The wedding music from ceremony to reception shall spell out the frame of mind and emotions of those who are in attendance. 

Are they supposed to remember everything, especially the entertainment, if they got so bored? Of course not!

Carving out for them a one-of-a-kind experience would mean that we are confident with our choice of a live band, one that would keep the guests up and dancing throughout.

So how to bag confidence that the Melbourne Wedding Bands shall deliver and everyone can have eminent enjoyment? Read on:

  • Handpick a band that listens – Look for a band that does not feed you what they want, just like a pressure salesperson; it is important that you should be heard too. If the band leader is open to collaborations and suggestions, then you found the one.
  • Look at their playlist – They present to you an extensive repertoire and genre. And also, give time to research and practice your song suggestions, especially dance songs.
  • Your band is versatile – Band vocalists can pick and play other instruments, they can take on emceeing even, or have Djing skills too. There are bands out there with members who are a total performer – like they could dance with the crowd too, both the vocalist and other members that are enough to attract the crowd to join the party.
  • Can read the energy of the crowd and entice them to move – They know when to liven up the scene and encourage everyone to go to the dance floor. They realise when to mellow down and ease up a bit to give way to the crowds’ easy and chill conversation with one another.
  • They are versed with current hits and traditional songs– They are updated with song trends, especially danceable ones like house and electronic music. They could shift to Reggaeton, and on the other sets for the night, they will be playing ‘80s and ‘90s dance hits.
  • A Fun band is optimistic and always on time – Nobody would be delighted with a band whose members are bloody moody or grumpy, unapproachable and, of course, late for their set. Persons’ aura and energies inadvertently affect those with whom they are with. So spread some positivity with your equally sunny, cheerful band.
  • Look for a venue for your guests and the band that is wide enough for them to move – So how can everybody dance if they only have limited elbow room to talk and even dance? Suppose there isn’t any stage for the performers. In that case, a large area for dancing will do so that there is no point in limiting oneself, especially when dancing out of the fear that you could accidentally punch another guest on the face when stretching the arms.
  • Hire a band and watch their demos / live performances – Better if you visit them while they are performing live so you can have a hint of how well they perform and interact with your guests. There are bands that perform better live even without synthesisers.
  • Read testimonies– if the reviews are fine and good words are given to the band like previous clients were able to party hard, then you have a prospect.

But to be confident that you get everyone to dance, you yourself as the other half or both as wedding couple be the first ones to enjoy the music. If you are dancing, so should everyone. And if everyone is having the time of their life, you should too.


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