Mirror Booth – What Does It Offer?

The Mirror Booth has been receiving a plentiful of good words from happy clients. With that said, it continuously strive harder to reach many couples out there in the different regions of Australia.

Yes there are a gazillion of Photo Booth out here and there especially in the Melbourne Entertainers Directory. Yet again the Mirror Photo Booth is famous for being “multi-tasker.” Why? Well enough it has been the favourite of everyone because it makes them socialise a lot through games and fun themes. It also has features where you could personalise your photos or even send them through SMS.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne – DJ + Photo Booth

Matt Jefferies Entertainment Mirror Photo Booth service is also flexible for your photo entertainment needs. Spare a few dollars and you have a fabulous photo booth in your events. May that be corporate, weddings, Christmas Parties or other functions. They do not limit their service with the usual props, backdrops or themes but adapt with the event or client’s needs. Digital copies are also sent to liking of clients.

Furthermore, they also have services and packages likes DJ services, Dry Ice, Indoor Fireworks and Neon Signs Hire. That is why this company is also a prescribe Best Entertainer in town. More so, open photography is welcome other than the conventional selfie. Other than all these, they see to it that their equipment are always upgraded or they add on new ones too. Part of their services as well is Event Photo Magnets wherein they have roving photographer that prints out multiple copies and transform them into photo magnets.

Melbourne Entertainers Directory has Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne in its roster of the best. And a few clicks from here you will be able to see it with the rest of the photo booth entertainment there is.