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We have hand picked the best photo booth companies in Melbourne for 2121 and are very excited to share them with you. From mirror photo booth Melbourne service, roaming photo booths, open air photo booths Melbourne to Kombi photo booths, curtain photo booths and more. We have got that lot. We took a look at the amount of experience each vendor has in the industry as well as their reviews and also the quality of the product and the customer service each business gives. Photo booth hire Melbourne is essential for any wedding, birthday, Christmas party, corporate event, in-store promotion or just about any event you can imagine. Below is our top 10 best photo booth businesses in Melbourne, Australia.

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Matt Jefferies Entertainment offers a number of options when it comes to photo entertainment. See below why we are the number one choice in photo booth Melbourne hire.

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Service

Are you sick & tired of having the same old Photo Booth hire for your wedding reception?

Matt Jefferies Entertainment happily presents the latest and greatest technology in interactive picture-taking.

“Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne”

The magic mirror photobooth is a full-length mirror with a studio-quality professional camera, lighting ring as well as a interactive touch screen interface.

It offers a user-friendly interface and a functional design while communicating with friends and family through a touch screen of colourful animations. Also, the mirror has an entertaining voice for the visual guidance.

In fact, our full-length Mirror Photo Booth takes pictures with a fun and animated approach so that your friends & family can enjoy a picture-taking experience that is next level.

With custom animations, photos, green screen without the backdrop, GIF, interactive games and video, the possibilities are surely endless.

Definitely, this is a unique one-of-a-kind mirror photo booth Melbourne service is the latest trend in Melbourne weddings.

It will certainly bring out creativity from your friends and family.

Overall, the mirror photo booth is the Best Photo Booth Melbourne that everyone is talking about!

Have this amazing photo booth entertainment Melbourne for your wedding, corporate event, birthday, school formal, in-store promotion or event, you and your guests will surely love it!

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Pylon Roaming Photo Booth

The roaming Photo Booth craze has come to Melbourne.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment is excited to announce

“Pylon Roaming Photo Booth Melbourne”

This fantastic Photo Booth has a unique look & amazing interactive features with superb picture quality & a live view interaction. Guests can view their pose on the screen to create a fun picture-taking experience. 

Below are its awesome features:

  • Live View Screen
  • Roaming Feature
  • Circular Led Light
  • MMS and or Email Feature
  • GIF / Boomerang Videos Feature
  • Photo Retake Feature
  • Unlimited Photos & Prints
  • On The Spot Printing


The Pylon Photo Booth Melbourne is designed to bring excitement & entertainment to you & your family & friends.

As guests walk up to this fun photo booth, Colourful animations, sensational design & mesmerizing LED lights to invite guests to be a part of this fun “selfie” photo entertainment experience! 

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Photo Mosaic Wall

Matt Jefferies Entertainment is proud to present the Most Interactive Photo Entertainment experience, our PHOTO MOSAIC WALL!

This latest option in photo entertainment allows you, your family & friends to take a picture of themselves, have an image taken via our roaming photographer & even use the photo booth. Then, your guests will collect their sticker pictures & stick them on the photo mosaic wall. The result? A beautiful large photo mosaic image at the end of the function!

Photo Mosaic Wall Melbourne is ideal for weddings as family & friends create a beautiful image of you with their pictures.

Having a Corporate Event Melbourne but want to be different in so many ways? The Photo Mosaic Wall Melbourne is perfect for your fundraising functions, Award Ceremonies, Christmas Parties, End of The Year celebration, Product Launching & much more. Your staff & guests will enjoy creating a fantastic mosaic wall of your company logo or brand.


Pose & smile at our event photographer, and he/she will take pictures of you & your guests using a professional DSLR Camera. You can also snap a selfie from your own phone & share it via the assigned Instagram hashtag, or even rent an add-on Photo Booth. All the images from different sources will create a beautiful photo mosaic.


Our quick printer will print a 2×2 sticker picture from many sources, and friends & family will collect the sticker & stick it to the assigned tile number on the photo mosaic wall Melbourne. 


Your guests will enjoy the picture-taking experience of the Photo Mosaic Wall & will do it again. 

Our wandering Photographer will make sure to take heaps of pictures for the completion of your photo mosaic wall that you will enjoy for years to come. 


You & your guests will be encouraged to take more pictures for the completion of the photo mosaic wall Melbourne. 

You will also be given all images taken from our DSLR camera & Photo 

Booth (Hired separately). On top of this, you will receive the Physical 

Mosaic Wall to be hung on the wall at your home or office & a Digital Mosaic Wall to be shared on your social media.

Other Services

Matt Jefferies Entertainment also offers a number of other services that you can add to a photo booth hire Melbourne. WE have our award winning wedding DJ Melbourne service with over 15 years experience and a ton of dance floorsa filled. We also do our indoor fireworks for weddings and also our awesome dry ice service. We also offer musicians for your event. Visit the website for more information

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Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Service

Make your next wedding or event a night to remember and entertain your guests with the unique and fun Mirror Photo Booth Hire, Roaming photo booth and photo entertainment. With the latest in digital technology, our photo booths and photo entertainment are a must-have at your next wedding or event.

We have many years of experience in the events and wedding industry and have won several awards. We like to bring the very best in photo entertainment Melbourne for you and your friends and family to enjoy as we help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

To book one of our exciting photo entertainment options please visit the mirror photo booth Melbourne service website by clicking here

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Bring your next wedding or event to life with our range of photo booths. Servicing all of Melbourne and its surroundings, we have an interactive mirror photo booth to help keep your friends and family entertained and create lasting memories.

About our photo booths:

Mirror Photo Booths Melbourne

Mirror photo booths are the next big step in photographic wedding and event entertainment. This Booth will greet friends and family with a voice & dynamic animations to walk them through a magical, memorable, interactive photography experience ending with a picture they can keep.

Pylon Roaming Photo Booths

Our Pylon iPad roaming Booth Is a round advanced Portable Photo Booth with Sensational Capabilities complete with an amazing app, user-friendly design and a variety of different modes to suit all event types.

To book any of our photo booths we offer in Melbourne and surrounds, visit our website photo booth – Melbourne for more information

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Wedding DJ – Melbourne is a premium DJ and photo entertainment company with all the knowledge to make your wedding or event a huge success. We provide the best event photo magnets around town, our sensational pylon roaming photo booth, our eye catching photo mosaic wall and our dazzling magic mirror photo booth Melbourne. All our photo entertainment options come with operators, guest books, booth styling, props and a whole lot of good times. Mix and match packages as you can also add our top-notch wedding DJ & MC service or why not add our dancing on a cloud effect or safe indoor fireworks. For more information and booking please feel free to visit us by clicking here

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Providing Wedding DJ service, Indoor fireworks, dry ice and photo booths to weddings all over Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges and Phillip Island. We have the latest and most advanced photo entertainment that is out on the market and our quality photo printouts speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on the best customer service and awesome photo booth attendants. Having over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry, we are your go-to company when needing photo entertainment. Click here to visit our website

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Corporate photo booths Melbourne are all about in-store promotions, Christmas parties, big corporate events and corporate gatherings. We have a range of photo entertainment you can hire and we bring the features and the fun. All out photo entertainment comes with the required operators, printing as well as photo to phone feature, e-mail and mobile number marketing lists (if requested), custom touch to start animation and pack up and setup up plus delivery. To find out more please visit the website here

HP Photography specializes in wedding day photography. They provide awesome candid photos and capture all the important moments that go on during a wedding ceremony and reception. They also do open-air photo booths in and around Melbourne. Every photo booth hire comes with delivery, setup, pack up and an assortment of awesome props for guests to use while taking silly and fun photos on the day. HP Photo booths print out photo strips with three photos on each. Every photo strip can be customized to have the bride and grooms name on it and also colours of choice and design. If you are looking for something fun on your wedding day then consider hiring a HP Photo booth. Click here to visit the website for more information

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Have this fun photo booth entertainment for your next Yarra Valley event; you and your friends and family will totally love it!
This Yarra Valley Mirror Photo Booth is a full-length photo booth mirror with a pro-quality camera, lighting as well as a touch screen interface.
In fact, the full-length Yarra Valley Photo Booth takes photos with a fun and playful approach so that friends & family can enjoy a picture-taking experience on another level. We provide weddings and events with the best photo entertainment. Check out our website by clicking on the link here.

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Samba Kombi and Social Playground have teamed up to provide the perfect fun addition to any wedding reception, gathering or corporate event. Capture those priceless memories in style with one of our five magnificent 23-window buses as your backdrop. Or better yet, get everyone inside for an intimate photo oozing with charm. Pop open the rag-top and get creative, with the tribe striking a pose out through the rooftop. Check out your shots on your mobile phone or print them straight away with our high-quality instant printer.

How To Play Capture picturess or create fun gifs & instantly receive them via e-mail or SMS. Every image is loaded into an online photo gallery for easy viewing in real-time as well as after the wedding. Add optional printing either in 4×6” or strip pictures for a sweet take-home memory.

For more information or to book Samba Kombi please call 0472 543 682

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Pink Zebra Photo Booths

Give your family and friends something to remember your function by with their own photo strip from a Pink Zebra photo booth!

Our photo booth hire service Melbourne can provide hours of fun & memorable entertainment at your next function. Even those that are not partial to a camera will have a ball when they pick up a prop & draw that curtain closed! There is nothing better than having pictures of all of your family and friends to keep & cherish as a reminder of a beautiful event – you won’t hear the end of it from guests as they rave about the beautiful experience.

Hiring a function photo booth is the perfect way to entertain your friends and family as well as a keepsake for you & your guests. We cater for any event or party, including the following:


 Engagement Parties

 Product launches


 Christmas functions

 Grand openings

School formals

 Corporate events


With Pink Zebra, family and friends can all have their photo strips to take home with them that we can personalise to your function or brand. Our staff are here to help you in getting the best out of your photo booth experience. No matter what function, we will be able to adapt to your needs for a truly unforgettable experience. So get in touch with us for the best photo booth hire Melbourne has to offer today.

Enclosed Photo Booths

Add a touch of glamour & elegance to our most popular booth set up that can fit up to 15 guests. Complete with a red carpet, full-length curtain (colours can be changed on request) & bollards, you will see why this is our most popular photo booth!

Open Air Photo Booths

Perfect for any event, corporate event, wedding or anything that has a custom backdrop. This is our most versatile photo booth Melbourne as it is perfect for large groups to capture everyone in the one picture!

Kids Photo Booth Hire

Our photo booths can also cater to the young for amazing birthday memories. With a choice of enclosed or open-air photo booths, your kids will be provided with endless fun for their next party!

Call Pink Zebra for more information on 0432 422 720 or e-mail us at

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The History Of When The Photo Booth Started

The photo booth, in general, has a relatively long history, and very little has changed over the years they have been around. However, the recent advancements in technology, photo booths have become much more interactive and technologically advanced. Here at Matt Jefferies Entertainment, we provide state of the art mirror photo booth Melbourne hire, which are the latest in technology around. We had decided to look into the history of when the photo booth started, right through until now, and it is way more exciting than you would ever think.

The First Photo Booth From The Early ’80s

One of the worlds first photo booths with style like today’s photo booths was created by Anatol josepho, and the year was 1923. Everyone knows that the camera has been around for many, many years, but when did the first photo booth design first appear?

The very first patent for a photo booth design that was automated was filed in 1888, but the very first machine that worked was built in 1889 by T.E Enjalbert. It was presented at the world fair Paris but was not anything like today’s photo booth we know and have come to love. These photo booths were, in fact, automated but were not at all reliable and could not function by themself.

The first photo booth that was made fully automated was made by Conrad Bernitt in Germany (Hamburg) in 1890, but Conrad Bernitt was not the first to make a photo booth with proper negative pictures. Carl Sasse was the first to make a photo booth with negative photos, and that was the year 1896, and he, too, was born in Germany.

The photo booth that we all know today was a curtain photo booth and was created by Anatol Josepho in 1923. This particular photo booth style was revealed in New York, and it, in fact, cost 25 cents for a picture. Josepho was paid one million dollars for his invention and was also to receive royalties for the rest of the future.

Passport Photo Booths

We all have used or know of the passport photo booth, and it was designed to get your photo for your passport. This type of photo booth is a common design and used all over the world. This photo booth style was built to print photos that meet the specific requirements for the passport, although many of these photo booths can also print larger photos too.
This style of photo booth features a neutral background to meet the requirements of the passport photo, along with a curtain to keep photos clean and a stool or seat.

The good old photo booths could take several minutes to develop the film because they were using the old fashioned technique of wet chemistry; however, photos these days only take 30 seconds or less to print, thanks to printing that we now know as digital printing. Ols wet pictures were printed as a long strip, but today modern photos are printed in squares and four to a set.

Sticker photo booths

The sticker photo booth was invented and became a huge success in Japan in the mid 1990s. A sticker photo booth is a booth where you can take photos and print them out as stickers. The first sticker booths were sold in 1995 (July) and are still very popular all over Asia and have been imported to Australia, America, Canada and Europ since 1997 and used in gaming arcades and shopping malls. They are developed but a video games company called Sega and today use the same technology they always have used.

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How Do They Work

In the past, most photo booths were coin-operated. The idea is that the user inserts the right amount of coins to start the photo booth process. Next, you get the option to adjust the seat if you wish and even adjust the lighting and add all the groovy special effects you desire to your final picture. Some of the older photo booths would let you take a few different pictures and decide which photo was the one you wanted to be printed, and some of them only let you take one photo for each time you inserted coins.

Touch screen photo booths were invented and allowed customers to pick which photo, even edit photos and gave users way more options that the button type machines. They even allowed you to add templates, virtual backgrounds and drawings that traditional machines would not let you do.

Modern photo booths gave you the option to send an SMS to your phone with a link to download your photo ready for your social media or to share with other friends and family. They may even have options such as adding virtual props to your photo, changing the size of the photo and edit the picture. With inbuilt printing capabilities, these are the types of modern photo booth you are more likely to find at a wedding, party or event rather than the type you may use to get a passport photo printed.

Photo Booth Rental For Parties

Photo booth rentals have become very popular as technology has made machines smaller, lighter and smarter. Photo booths are seen at many parties all over the world, and they have made it much easier for friends and family to print copies of photos. People also hire photo booths for parties because most can now send you a text message with your photos within 6 seconds of punching in your phone number. Most companies also offer to upload the digital copies of the photos to an online gallery after the event, making it easy for you and whoever you share the password-protected link with to download them and share on social media pages.

Wedding Photo Booth Melbourne

Weddings are the most common use for a photo booth, and this is a fantastic way to keep guests entertained and give them a reason to get out of their seat, mingle with other people they may not have and create fun, memorable moments on camera with a gift to take home at the end of the night. Some wedding photo booths Melbourne can be themed to the style of your wedding. Check out our mirror photo booth Melbourne rustic style photo booth by clicking here.

Mirror Photo Booths

Mirror photo booths are the latest in technology and are very on-trend at the moment. This photo booth will amaze friends and family with it is a full-length touch screen with a mirror frame theme around it. The mirror photo booth comes with printing capabilities that print our quality photos taken from a professional DSLR camera which is located behind the touch screen glass. Some companies will even print your photos out as magnets so that guests can take them home as a gift and stick them to the fridge or in the home office.

The mirror booth is very easy to use, with a voice-over guiding people through the experience and neon animations throughout the whole process. The mirror photo booth can have several different features working for your event (if requested), such as games, sign and stamp feature, beauty filters, virtual props, green screen backdrops, Gif burst videos and more.

History of the photo booth

3d Printing Booths

3d printing photos are still very new and very costly to purchase. They are the latest development in photo booths where you can print 3d subjects. The booth takes several 2d pictures of the guest using it. It then turns those images into a 3d image. Do not expect to see one anytime soon at an event because they are out of price range for most photo booth operators and would they would not be able to run them so that it is affordable to a customer.


Photo booths are an awesome addition to any party, corporate event or wedding that gives the user access to amazing photos. Matt Jefferies Entertainment has the most cutting-edge photo entertainment avail for hire in Melbourne. We have many different types of photo entertainment like our mirror photo booth, pylon roaming photo booth, event photo magnets and our photo mosaic wall. These can be rented out anytime. Just visit Matt Jefferies Entertainment by clicking here

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Hiring a photo booth Melbourne is a great fun idea for any wedding, party or event needing entertainment. One of the hardest choices you will need to make is just what kind of fun photo booth to get. One of the biggest trends in the photo booth world in the last ten years has been the inflatable photo booth. Read on to see why you might consider hiring one. 

What is an LED Photo Booth?

The LED photo booth is a fairly new type of enclosed photo booth entertainment option. What is fun about this particular photo booth is that it lights up & it is inflatable! This adds a quirky element to the wedding, party or event while also being fast and easy to setup. The LED Picture Booth has lights in each side corner that can be customized to your choice of colour & will match with almost any colour theme. Not sure what colour to choose? You can cycle between the whole spectrum of colours. You do not even have to have all four lights the same colour! The photo booth still keeps its traditional photo booth feel and look inside with a kiosk-style photo booth stand.

What Can You Do In The LED Inflatable Photo Booth Melbourne?

The LED inflatable booth works like most photo booths. It will let you take pictures & videos. It comes with an interactive touch screen, which means that you will be able to interact easily with the photo booth to make the experience unique to you. Sometimes pictures are not enough; imagine having video messages from your friends and family as memoirs from your event! With inflatable photo booth software, the LED Picture Booth allows you to do just that!

Printing & Sharing Of Photos

When it comes to making unforgettable memories, you and the guests will want to be able to print and share the pictures. As for printing, you can pick from 2″ x 6″, 4″ x 6″, or 6″ x 8″ photo prints and decide on the print size when you book the wedding, party or function. As far as quantity is concerned, the LED inflatable photo booth’s users can choose how many photo prints they want of the photograph at the end of the photo session. Also, at the end of the mini photo-op, the guests can also pick different colour effects for the photos! They will also get an option to not only print their photos but to also share them via email or MMS text straight from the photo booth’s software. You can also post the pictures and videos to your favourite social media pages for friends and family to see.

How Big Is The Photo Booth & Who May Want To Have A 

The LED Photo Booth is physically the biggest photo booth in the range of photo booths. It measures 8’ wide by 8’ long & 7.5′ tall, which means it can hold a large number of guests inside. This means really entertaining group pictures, the record on the grapevine is 32 guests at one time! Therefore, the inflatable photo booth is great for venues where there will be a lot of guests wanting to take part & get a picture in the photo booth. Events such as weddings, birthday parties and big corporate celebrations would be ideal for the inflatable photo booth. The LED inflatable photo booth is a hit at any function!

Young & old alike will love this colourful inflatable picture booth. It is very easy to operate that even older technophobes will manage to use it to take incredible pictures. In fact, the LED inflatable photo booth will be used over and over again all night long by all your friends and family attending your special wedding, birthday party or event. 

Photo booth

Outdoor Photo Booth Melbourne

Outdoor Photo Booth Melbourne – Caravan Photo Booth hire an extra special something for the wedding day, corporate event, music festival or party, adding a little vintage charm to every event needing extra entertainment and fun memories in photo form that can be stuck to the fridge or hung in the office.

Vintage Outdoor Caravan photo boothing fun!

With Weddings and lot’s of them booked with caravan photo booths, it seems the appeal of the photo booth Melbourne is still going strong. With so many fun options & choices around these days, it is still nice to have something that will become an important and fun part of the day event or party. So whether it is a wedding, the big Birthday or maybe a school Prom, a caravan photo booth is still a must-have.

Whatever the occasion, make sure the photo booth fits and can cope with the demand of guests using it all night long. Everyone loves a group photo, and unlike some of the indoor self-build booths, the caravan, despite the vintage years, is a lot more robust. Also, the constant reminder that socials such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all the others play an integral part of society means that all pictures must be made available to tag and share later on. The caravan photo booth does all this and more.


Props are very important. Some may not think so at first, but once inside the photo booth, guests need to be able to see clearly all the props that are on offer, and even the most reluctant customer won’t be able to resist that brightly coloured wig, sombrero hat or the chance to be PC plod. You will soon learn the most popular acts, and you can never go wrong with a large pair of specs to channel your inner Elton John!

Location is a big consideration & can make or break the event and how many people attend the booth, especially important with outside caravan photo booths. You need to be seen and a caravan photo booth Melbourne can achieve this. Make sure that it is not too far from the main areas of the venue, but also not blocking access to anything important, especially to the bar! The caravan photo booth will amaze your family and friends and will look amazing with the styling of the event and the venue.

Vintage Horse Box – Unique Photo Booth


Due to the incredible success of the caravan photo booth, the horse box photo booth was launched and is the new thing in photoboothing. Perfect bar, country, rustic and outdoor DIY wedding venues, indeed any weddings with an outdoor setting, the Horse Box Photo Booth is an amazing and beautiful talking point. With all the same features as a caravan photo booth, and with an automated photo booth inside and instant photo printouts, the Horse Box Photo Booth causes a real stir and the first horse box photo booth was invented in 2015.


Inside we have sensitively adapted the space to hold the automated photo booth camera, screen and instant printer. Guests will enter the horse box via the front ramp and will have a selection of silly props to choose from before their photos are taken.

Providing instant duplicate photo strips means that friends and family can keep a memory of the special day, while also being able to stick a picture into the wedding guest book and write a message to the happy couple.

With festival events, outdoor events and barn weddings becoming increasingly popular, the vintage Horse Box photo booth is set to take unique photo booths to another level. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need Hire A 360 Degree Photo Booth For Your Next Wedding Or Function

Social 360 photo booth or 360-degree photo booth Melbourne, is the term that refers to one of the most innovative booths of today’s era. Social 360 degree photo booth Melbourne has completely changed the way people feel about weddings, events & conferences. It has also solved the problem of finding engaging activities at an event for the guests. The 360-degree photo booth has become a revolutionary innovation for event organizers & hosts.

Without any engaging activities or things to do, your wedding, party or event may turn out to be boring for your friends and family. As an event organizer or planner, you must look for fun solutions to make the event a huge success. From kids to older guests of all ages, everyone loves clicking photos and sharing them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Photo booths are one of the biggest attraction for your friends, family, and guests. By hiring a 3D photo booth Melbourne, you are actually going to give a fun edge to their experience at your event.

Let us see what a social 360-degree photo booth can do for you at your next wedding, birthday party, corporate event or Christmas function.

All-In-One Photo Booth

A photo booth Melbourne does not have to be just a photo booth. What about giving an all-around experience to the guest of the booth you pick for your event? Many futuristic businesses have evolved the photo booth into an all-in-one set up. Your friends and family may get a selfie, a portrait, a video or a gif based on their choice. The easy and quick set up also captures slo-mo for your friends and family. In a frozen photo booth, the professional cameras click pictures in a single movement to create what is known as an animated gif. The photo booth creates a happening environment at your function. Your friends and family will have memories that will last forever and it is a ton of fun creating them too.

Celebrity Photo Experience

Who doesn’t love the feeling of the celebrity photo experience? A 360 camera spinning wheel at the photo booth capturing pictures of the guest from every angle definitely makes a paparazzi vibe. All a guest has to do is strike fun poses and enjoy the attention! A social 360-degree picture booth is way different from any standard photo booth. You do not need to set up more than one camera at different angles to cast the limelight.

Unlike a standard photo booth, where you get the picture clicked from just one angle, the 3D social photo booth is mounted on a big spinning wheel. The camera will move in 360 degrees to freeze the picture from all directions. It instantly gives a 3-dimensional picture without the user needing to move a bit. This is a wow factor for all guests at your event. 

Another Decor At Your Event

This is one of the best and awesome parts about a 360 video photo booth- that it does not look like a photo booth at all. The setup look is customized to match your event’s themeing. It is not the usual box-like booth. The stall looks like another decoration item at the function while serving additional functionality. Your friends and family would love the background & the idea of getting their photo or videos clicked against that beautifully stunning 3d selfie picture booth. Not only this, but you may also get it personalized in a way that your friends and family get to choose the background for the pictures. It will most likely cost you a little more than the basic photo booth, but it’s worth the success of your wedding, birthday party or corporate event Melbourne.

Instant Share Of Photos On Social Platforms

It was many many moons ago when you had no choice but to wait for a day or two to receive the photos that you got clicked at an event or a photo booth. The advancement is useless if it doesn’t bring promptness to its photo process. With this creative 3d video photo booth, share the pictures and videos immediately with the users. The video booth gives you the convenience of sharing the guest’s pictures and videos via social media or other online picture platforms.

Your friends and family can share the pictures in no time on their social media pages. This functionality does not only make the event more engaging and exciting, but it also lifts the popularity of your event, which in turn shoots up the engagement in the next function. It is a hugely known fact that most people tend to like a brand or campaign more if it’s popularised by the attendees rather than another marketing tactic. So, the hire of a social 360-degree photo booth is a complete win-win for the event.

Rent, Hire And Have Fun With The 360 Social Video Booth

You may be wondering about how to go about a 3d photo booth hire that suits your requirement. The photo booths are available for hire. You may hire a photo booth and set it up at the event. A hired booth would require you to set it up, and you may need to operate it on your own, but most come with an operator. If you were to hire a social 360-degree photo booth, you are hiring a service that will take care of the lot from installation to operating the booth for your friends and family at the event.

Enjoy The Fun You Will Have With A 360 Social Photo Booth.

The best thing about having the 360 photo booth at your next event is it will make everyone have extra fun. One thing guests tend to like doing is watching friends and family create funny photos and innovative videos. If you are looking for something to keep all your guests entertained, then the 360 photo booth Melbourne is the way to go. 

360 photo booth melbourne

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Service Latest & Greatest For Hire

What Is a Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Hire?

Here is a riddle for you: when is a photo booth not a photo booth?

Answer: when it’s also a mirror photo booth!

The photo booths of 2021 are nothing like the photo booths of the past.

With open air photo booths, Digital photo booths, and the classic photo booth you know & love, event hosts now have many options when deciding which type of photo booth Melbourne to offer their friends and family. But one of the newest booths on the scene is also the coolest and most advanced.

Meet the mirror photo booth Melbourne service.

What Is A Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Service?

This is not your momma’s photo booth.

The mirror photo booth Melbourne service and Yarra Valley is practically indistinguishable from a full-length, freestanding, gold-framed mirror when it is set up. But this mirror has a big secret.

Like something out of a fantasy book, the mirror comes to life with graphics, prompts, games, features and more to help take you through the process of taking the ultimate picture selfie.

That’s correct; the mirror photo booth Melbourne service is also an interactive screen!

The mirror photo booth is so much fun, very intuitive, and so out-of-this-world cool, the guests will not be able to take their hands off of it.

By following the prompts on the touch screen, like tapping or raising your hands above your head you will be able to sign your name, add emojis, and ham it up for a photo booth experience as you have never had before.

Benefits Of The Magic Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Service

While there is not much wrong with the classic, usual photo booth, there are lots of reasons to upgrade to a mirror photo booth at your next wedding, party or function. Give Matt Jefferies Entertainment a call or e mail today and they will help you go over everything involved with the mirror photo booth Melbourne service

Fits With Any Venue Decor Or Themeing

Everyone loves a photo booth. But sometimes, you do not want to spoil the look of your themed event with a giant out of place photo booth.

Luckily, with a mirror photo booth Melbourne service, you do not have to.

With a traditional appearance that blends in really well with any decor, the mirror photo booth wil0l look right at home at any function, from weddings & fundraisers to corporate events and bar mitzvahs.

Even More Fun Than You First Thought

If you have been in a photo booth recently, no one has to remind you how much fun they always are. (Especially with all the awesome props!)

But a mirror photo booth Melbourne service will add an extra layer of fun that no friends or family will be able to resist.

A bride and groom will be able to virtually “sign” their print and add an emoji??

With a touch screen (always fun!), graphic & voice prompts, plus the ability to add a signature or emoji to the photo booth prints, you will be thankful you have unlimited photo prints.

Smaller Footprint Design For Easy Access To Venues

With a similar compact footprint as most other small open air photo booth Melbourne, the mirror photo booth is the perfect solution for navigating tight doorways or venues without much extra room.

Use one of the freestanding backdrops that you can pick from on the website, or use the awesome view from the venue to set the scene for your selfies!

Digital And Physical Photo Prints

We love having a physical photo print to look at every day, but it’s 2021, so we understand that your social feeds may want to get in on the action.

In addition to a physical photo print, friends and family can also get a link to receive the digital images for social media sharing on their mobile phone.


The Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Service With A Difference

No matter what photo booth you choose, you will never have to sacrifice quality with a company like Matt Jefferies Entertainment. 

All of the photo booth rentals from Matt Jefferies Entertainment have the following options:

  • Instant prints – Your pictures print out in less than 10 seconds! Also, the text photo to phone feature is included with every hire. 
  • Access to digital pictures – Something to frame, something to share it is the best of both worlds. Uploaded to a password protected online photo gallery
  • Props included – All photo booth props and signs are always included at no extra cost to you. Whatever the theme or occasion, Matt Jefferies Entertainment got the fun props to match!
  • Attendant included –  Professional attendants not only make the photo booth extra fancy, but they will also organize the prop table and assist friends and family with any issues. They will also encourage guests to have fun and take awesome photos as memories which will also go into a guest book for memories after the event.
  • Personalized photos – Choose a photo layout & add a logo for a custom spin on the function! Do you not have one? Use one of ours or we can help you design one at no extra cost to you.
  • Unlimited photos for each guest – We never charge the guests to visit the photo booth, and we will never limit the number of photos that can be taken.


If you are looking for a photo booth that will both blend in (to the venue) and stand out (among the other usual photo booths on the market), you have found the right photo booth.

The magic mirror photo booth Melbourne service is the perfect combination of old school and new school that you have been looking for in a photo booth hire.

Fun, interactive prompts in a user-friendly digital interface, meaning that all of your friends and family, young and old, will not be able to stay away. Happy photo boothing, everyone.

Call Matt Jefferies Entertainment today to reserve your mirror photo booth. The friendly staff and the quick to reply e mails makes this company one of the best in Melbourne city.

Make Your Function Memorable With A Gif Photo Booth Melbourne

You will hardly find someone who does not love the photo booth. Why? This is because of its big background, range of props, immediate photo printing, and instant sharing makes it a number one choice for function organisers. Even marketing teams in big corporate companies have now understood how powerful a GIF photo booth is as a powerful marketing tool to engage the customer and get the marketing done right with some fun along the way.

Even nowadays, the most popular posts involve animated GIFs that combine multiple images and create a small animated video clip. It is a great way to engage your followers in a captivating way that involves more than just still pictures.

GIFs may add animation, nostalgia and humour to a photo booth Melbourne that elevates the user’s experience in your function. It will add an extra edge and heaps of fun that goes beyond the usual poses or silly snaps that come with more than the regular photo booth experience.

Why You Should Use Gif Images At Your Events: 

GIF animations stimulate a lot of fun. You will find how friends and family are excited to compare their pictures with one another.

Easy to Use Booth:

You will find it really easy to use a GIF photo booth. When you are renting a GIF photo booth, your friends and family will find it nothing complicated to use the photo booth. You can use the snaps with fancy filters, or you can go with high-quality stop motion animated videos for a more memorable experience. The users do not need to be conversant with the latest technology. The screen enables the guest to operate it very easily. The images can be attached to form an animation.

Direct Social Sharing Of GIF Videos: 

Another awesome benefit you will get hiring a GIF photo booth in Melbourne is its ability to share GIF photos across the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more directly from the photo booth.

Harness the Creativity:

Want to promote creativity among friends and family? Why not spark a silent comp among your friends and family on the GIF pictures with the boomerang feature. They can capture the picture of themselves, and with an easy, quick mash, they will get a burst of pictures popping one after another with a mixture of awesome humour & fun poses.

What Is The Difference Between The Gif Booth And A Normal Photo Booth?

In a regular photo booth, you will take a number of pictures and then print them on the photo strip or photo layout. And with GIF boomerang booths, you can take a quick burst of images and turn them in to 2-3 seconds in a loop. For social functions, the GIF can be personalised with your event logo or information. And for corporate functions, you can fully customise it with your very own design.

Whatever be the photo booth rental Prices, it is a good marketing strategy and even good for special occasions. The photos taken easily can be shared across various social media platforms using hashtags. This will give you huge popularity to make it easy for marketing.

Even picture taking and sharing is an awesome conversation starter. Moreover, you can use it as a way of money-making opportunity, where friends and family will come to experience the photo booth Melbourne regardless of the entry price.

Booking a GIF photo booth for your next event is really easy and will make sure everyone has a blast with high-quality boomerang videos; you can be sure that everyone attending will have lasting memories.