Mirror Photobooth Melbourne Hire – Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Literally a mirror on its own but not just any mirror you cheaply acquire from the glass store or shop. In fact,  it is the coveted “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.” A Mirror Photo Booth is like Pandora’s Box but in a good way though because it’s full of surprises and feature not wrought from a fairy tale.

Coincidentally truly it would tell you, you are the fairest of them all for the mirror reflects these very words on its touch screen. And that is no surprise because the Mirror Photo Booth is like AI on its own. It speaks its mind and tells you what to do through voice guidance. You think you are being guide by a human, amuse by a human and entertain by a fellow human being. No incantations need to bring out that smile and send it across your face because it capture high definition photos and send to anyone through SMS or Email. It has a signing and stamping feature that lets you personalise your pictures and make it as you take away keepsake to friends and guests.

Events so many but you can also customise the Mirror Photo Booth for weddings rustic or indoors, birthday parties, children’s parties, holiday events, corporate events, school formals, soirees, graduation balls etc. Needless to say, we are gourmands of good photos that are lace with so many memories. Events are opportune time to be with the most important folks in work, in the family or our friends and photos are great for that.

Mirror Booth Features And More…

If you are thinking there are many photo booths out there, so why hire Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne not the traditional booth? Well at the core, Mirror Booths are up to entertainment, more layout, friendly interface, and not just a fanciful “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.” This ain’t a wallflower, it is in fact, a crowd drawer that also encourage socialising with games like the Pong games, Mannequin Challenge, Tic-tac-toe, and Scream contests. And that in every occasion even with the oldie but goodie props of traditional photo booths, the custom photo layout has it all for you.

Have that Mirror, Mirror on the Wall experience Mirror Photobooth Melbourne Hire because it is all worth it.