Mirror Photobooth Melbourne

Mirror Photobooth Melbourne – Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

It does not come as a surprise that the CBD has been Melbourne’s mitochondria. Wherever you set your gaze in, it is full of corporate events. It breathes in and out each of these, chew on them like air and food stuff to abate the extinction of its industries. Corporate events are a tool that could vivicate CBD’s industries. The cherry on top of these events is the Mirror PhotoBooth Melbourne.

With the Mirror Photo Booth, there is no chance for a cat nap that while au courant products are adjacently on display. Hence, there are bazaar and product launching with a long line of consumers with their purchases swarm all over this photo booth like there is an apparition on broad day light or a spectacle from a marching band.

Have you seen philanthropic streak across the street through fund raising that range from Hippie 70s motif to catwalk inferno? To Australia’s darling Olivia Newton John’s Grease or Xanadu theme? Bucks definitely have their good way to go to charities whilst guests having photos with the Mirror Photo Booth. Seasonal marvels like Christmas Parties, AFL Grand Final Friday or even the Cup Day attract all types of people, fairy god parent and financiers, and individuals engaged in business. This latest photo booth trend offers them a pretty exorbitant entertainment.

Mirror Booth Hire For Christmas Parties Or Any Other Events

Our cheery patrons prove that there’s no stopping the fun like Hoyts, Sheike, Brighton Mercedes, MCG, Tabcorp and Miele are just some of the companies who tried the mirror booth for their events.

The Mirror Booth has a user friendly interface, easy follow through on the work flow, two hundred plus animations, themes such as corporate, kids, seasons among others, tic-tac-toe, pong games ,good print quality, SMS features and six or more people can be accommodated simultaneously while taking photos.

Sheike and Miele employees as well as customers lavishly looked so fine with their pretty clothing finds; Brighton Mercedes people up their dapper style with their Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne experience; Tabcorp scaffold, built and forged on some serious photo ops; and MCG employees and guests took turns during games and program intervals to nab their photographs.

There are plenty of words to best describe the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne experience – thrilling, edgy, gay, felicitous but you can write your own and that only entails you try it your self. So book and hire the Mirror Photobooth Melbourne in your up coming corporate event so you won’t miss out.

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