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Wedding Bands Melbourne – Choosing The Right Band Size For Your Event

Certain technical aspects should be considered in performing; at times, this also includes the stage. Basically, for any band with five members, horizontal space be around 16 feet by 12 feet. Nevertheless, in this industry, usually, anyone who entertains must be up for any conditions and challenges. However, if it so happened you are the client, you may help decide on the venue and even ask the manager of the place what decibel requirements are relevant and stage size would be provided for entertainment vendors you hired.

 Granted that yes, you are the client, you can also ask how many members of the band or the band size should be. However, this is tricky as this may also depend upon the type of event you are having.

 What band size should you choose for your live events? Here are some Wedding Bands Melbourne pointers:

  • Consider your venue type – before deciding on the low down on the size of the band, know how wide, how much the number of people can be accommodated in the venue. If the area seems like a literal hole in the wall, then there should only be a soloist (that also plays an instrument, a guitar or keyboard) or a duo. If it is as grand as a palatial ballroom or football stadium, six to seven piece will do and all instruments that could be afforded.
  • Know the ambience, the theme also of the event, or the part of the program where the band should play – if it is cocktail for starter or canapés time, a soloist would be best to encourage more chit chats and just to light things up. If it is to liven up the mood and help the crowd to party, a five, six or seven-piece band is needed. If it is a black-tie event, perhaps there seem to be more careful movements from people and not hardcore dancing; a five-piece band will do. But if it is like an event at the shopping centre or a mini-concert held at the park and the finite reason to play is to draw crowds, at least a full band will do to entertain them and have them dance. 
  • Master the song repertoire –if the playlist dictates that songs are slow, a soloist, duo or perhaps trio will be just fine. But if the songs are for a bit of dancing or for a massive crowd, get it on with a five or six-member band.
  • An extensive genre – if the genre range from Pop, House and Electronic music, Jazz, Reggaeton, Latin, Reggae, to R & B- a full band of seven members will be a delight; there should be saxophone, violin player, the guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardists, and vocalists.
  • Match the number of your band members to that of the guests – if it is that you invited 150 or so crowd, then a full band is needed that six or seven-piece member. Have a female and male vocalist if need be too.
  • Consult the entertainment vendor –if you do not have any idea, ask your prospective entertainment vendor or choose a band for suggestions. They would give you price quotations for soloists, duos, trios or a full band service and fees.

 But more than ever, choose the band that compliments your personality and preferences; do not shy away from asking questions so that you could have laid down for yourself the very best.

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