What’s a wedding reception without a bit of fun? Hiring certain types of entertainment that you know will please everyone including yourself is an important task.


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Some key entertainment features include:

Wedding Bands and Musicians – Each band and musician has a certain style, make sure to research or ask about their range of music to ensure you will be happy with your selection for your reception.

DJs – DJs are great for this looking to get up and dance for hours on end. With a wide range of music, make sure to discuss the styles you are interested in so you and your guests will be happy.

Photo Ops and Photo booths – Perfect for saving memories, Photo Ops and Photo booths are a great chance for your guests to be comfortable when getting their photo taken. They can be as classy or as silly as they want as some hiring services include props and fun filters!

Comedians and MCs – Need someone to liven up the party with a few jokes here and there? Comedians and MCs are a great option if you don’t know what to say once the mic is handed to you – let them take the lead by hosting your reception and warming up the crowd with some laugher and fun.

Lighting – Lighting is important at a reception – you want your dance floor to be lit up and ready to go! From a glowing spotlight to a sparkling disco ball, the party you’d like to have depends on the atmosphere!

Special Effects – Who hasn’t dreamed of fireworks and sparks when you marry the one you love? Try hiring a Special Effects service to give your reception that movie magic you deserve. From fireworks and pyrotechnics for a grand display to dry ice for that moody effect, you can create the perfect experience for you and your guests.